Top 10 Best Artist Drawing Sets in 2018 Reviews

Artist sets are one of the essential devices that must be present in our homes, preparatory schools and even playrooms. They are not only for fun but also educative. This is applicable in the sense that this artist sets boosts our creativity improving our proper thinking. For children, it will keep the busy all throughout the day. They are various types of artist sets, in different sizes and colors. Choosing the best artist drawing sets might not easy as most of us might think. Great caution ought to be taken to ensure you buy the best artist drawing sets.

What Factors should you consider when buying the Best Artist Drawing Sets?

There are various factors to consider while choosing artist set. It is always advisable to choose artist carefully as they are various counterfeit goods in the market. Better spend more money on a quality product that paying less for a poor quality that will not serve your intended purpose. Inferior products will force you to monthly purchase new set for your family. The quality of the artist set invested on is directly proportional to the quality of your sketching and paintings. These factors include the following;

a)Components available in the set

The set you intended to purchase must have all necessary options you require to complete your drawing. It should have different pencils options for drawing lines of different thickness. Most of the artist sets include various mediums such as oils, pencils, a variety of crayons, shades among other useful devices. Choose one with components that are useful to you or whoever you intended to use the set. The packaging case is also essential as it will keep all these small components together.

b)The Cost

The cost of the set should not strain one’s income. Usually, it is good to budget your money before spending as this allows you to go for artist set that is within your means. Some people believe that expensive sets are better than others. This is not always true as some excellent artist set are available at a reasonable price.

c)The User

They are various artist sets each designed well to suit specific users. Some are designed for adults, children below 3 years, children below years, teens among other groups. To save on the cost, consider having artist set that is multipurpose for your family. This is essential for those having a growing family. Each user expects some unique drawing components in the set according to their desires.

d) Reliability of the company

The company should provide reliable and friendly customer services such on how to use the set, especially for beginners. They should respond quickly to the customers in case of any inquiry. Warranty provided should be reasonable and guaranteed. The most crucial factor is that the dealers who supply products should not breach customer’s agreements at any point.

Which are the Best Artist Drawing Sets?

Conducting all-encompassing and thorough research, we have come up with Top 10 Best Artist Drawing Sets in 2018 Reviews.

10. Darice 120-Piece Deluxe Art Set

This 120-Piece deluxe set streams with color and artistry. It has many art supplies for drawing and painting purposes. The supplies include 24 markers, 24 color pencils, 24 oil pastels, 24 crayons, 12 watercolor cakes, 2 cuts, 1 white watercolor tube, 1 drawing pencil, 1 palette, 1 eraser, 1 ruler, 1paintbrush, 1 scissors, 1 sponge and 1 sharpener. These supplies are all in a closable black portable case which looks like a book. It contains small parts which are not for children under 3 years of age. It gives the best way for children and the adults to try with various artistic media.


i)The case is black in color so that it does not get dirty very easily.

ii)Versatile as teens, children and also adults can use it.


i)It is no meant for children below 3 years.

9. Sunrise Portable Art Set

This First Light Art pack is a lively art set and is great starter unit. Your kid will be engaged with creative undertakings for hours. This case delivers all you require to draw, all inside a closable wood handle so that you can keep everything in order. The kit put together 36 color marker, 24 pencil color, 24 oil pallets, 24 crayons, 1 eraser, 1 sharpener, 1 pencil, 1 ruler, 1brush, 1 scissors, 1 stapler, 1 plate, 1 white paste, 1 glue and 12 watercolor cakes.


i)The set is sold at a reasonable price, and the packaging case is re-usable.

ii)Several drawing tools are included in a single pack.


i)High demand in the market makes it unavailable.

8.Art 101 142-Piece Wood Art Set

This type of art set helps kids to learn and grow with the identification with the art. If you are exhausted of looking at a plain fridge you should consider taking craftsmanship 101 for rescue. One wood-cased art set accommodates everything your young kid will require to motivate the artistic greatness. The deluxe wood case has a removable drawer to enhance convenient storage of the art supplies. It has 3 type of painting and drawing mediums which are shaded pencils, watercolor paintings and the energetically crayons pastels.

The protective sturdy wood case help to keep your supplies well arranged. This set has everything that an artist requires to make their masterpiece in various mediums and unlock their artistic skills within. The tools include 60 color pencils, 24 hued pencils, 24 watercolor cakes, 24 oil pastels, 3 palettes, 2 representation pencils, 2 brushes, sharpener, eraser and color diagram. This set is affordable for all the art students.


i)Comparing its quality together with the price, this delivers more than it is expected.

ii)The packaging case offers excellent protection for the components inside the box.


i)Crayon drawer is not perfectly designed while water color and pencils give the best sketching and drawing.

7.NUDGE Da Vinci 33 Piece Sketch & Drawing Pencils

This set is the best choice if you need to concentrate on a challenging yet rewarding drawing. It comes with graphite and charcoal pencils with strong core ideal for mixing and smudging and lots of valuable tools. The drawing set has a full metal double-hole sharpener and a handy zippered case made of sturdy black nylon which folds to a sketchbook size. It also comes with one white vinyl eraser and one kneaded eraser for charcoal pencils without smudging.  The zipper case is perfect for carrying the pencil studio anywhere you go.


i)The set is portable so that your child can carry along anywhere at ease.

ii)The small card included guides on how to download Art Library on your desktop.


i)It is limited to those only who can access desktops.

6.The ZagGit 83 Piece Deluxe Art Creativity Set

This set has all its 83 individual pieces packed into a compact neatly organized slim, an attractive wooden case with a sleek design. It is the best set for any artist who wants to commute. It also has a beautiful frosted silver carrying handle. This product comes with all the art supplies required by the artist.  These tools include 24 shade pencils, 24 oil pastels, 24 watercolor cakes, 3 mixing palette trays, 2 paint brushes, 2 drawing pencils, 1 sanding block, 1 sharpener and 1kneaded eraser. With both dry and wet mediums together with essential tools, it includes all the color you will require for lots of creative arts. It has the small parts hence not suitable for kids under 3 years.


i)Cherry wooden case looks attractive making it ideal for birthday presents.

ii)The variety of tools in this set improves the creativity of the user.


i)Oil pastels are too oily.

5.Royal & Langnickel Deluxe Sketching Artist Box Set

Expand your drawing talents by combining the customary mediums.  Royal & Langnickel has availed a deluxe sketching art set with a large array of apparatus to start experimenting sketching and drawing gifts. Apart from the traditional graphite sticks and pencils, you can attempt pastel pencils, compacted color sticks or vine charcoal to generate more profundity to your sketches. It includes 12 graphite pencils, 6 compacted graphite sticks, 6 compacted charcoal sticks, 12 compacted color sticks, 4 pastel pencils, 1 sharpener and more. It also includes softness with the mixing stumps which yields endless possibilities.


i)It features an array of drawing tools including 12 graphite pencils and charcoal sticks among useful products.

ii)The Wooden case is well constructed to last longer.


i)The sharpening charcoal pencil is a bit hard.

4.Pro Art 18-Piece Sketch/Draw Pencil Set

This professional art set drawing pencils are equally fit for offering greatly worked drawings. This set is an 18-piece set which incorporates 8 graphite pencils, 3 charcoal pencils, 1 sketch stick, 2 charcoal sticks, 1 white plastic eraser, 1 massaged eraser,1 charcoal sharpener and 1 pencil sharpener. It is suitable for the beginners. The holding and the toggle clamps are added to make the wood steady and ensure that the cuts are precise every moment. Additionally, it has 2 sharpeners and 2 erasers.


i)It is an excellent set for beginners.

ii)Has dual extra sharpeners and erases for more convenience.


i)Comparing to other similar products it is quite expensive.

3.Fashion Plates Deluxe Kit

The contemporary fashion plates design of this art set makes it easy and offers a great time for artists to create the design plans of their own. It creates noticeable looks by joining the new fashion plates tablet with changed rubbing plates. You can create unique fashion design of your own with this set. The users recommended to use this set are of 6 years and above. It comes with 15 fashion plates, 20 sheets of papers, 8 color pencils, 2 crayons rubbing, 1 crayon holder, 1 drawing tablet, 1 fashion carrying case and 1 fashion folio. This set is updated with new fashions.


i)This modernized set allows the user to try our new painting design boosting its creativity.

ii)Perfect for those with 6 years and above.


i)Drawing paper included in the kit is a bit thick.

2.Gallery 82 Piece Deluxe Art Supplies Studio Set

This type of set opens flat for you to see all of your apparatus only once which makes it easy to locate what you require across all the various mediums that are included. It incorporates 24 shade Pencils, 24 Oil Pastels, 24 Watercolor Cakes, 2 Paint Brushes, 2 Drawing Pencils, and Accessories. This set comes with a wooden case that has silver carrying handle where the colors and the design tools are smartly organized. The price of this set is affordable to many users. As compared to other sets, this product offers you mediums of excellent quality, and you won’t regret using this set. This set is suitable for children, teenagers, and adults. The paints and the markers are not toxic hence good for kids.


i)Color Pencils, Oil Pastels, and Watercolor Cakes are available in 24 different options for more convenience.

ii)Wooden casing keeps the drawing components safe.


i)Limited usage for children below 3 years.

1.79 Piece Studio Art & Craft Supplies Set in Wood Box

This 79-piece deluxe art set includes all the art supplies which the beginner artist or an intermediate artist requires to make their art. Different from the other art sets, the mediums are of excellent quality to ensure that you will not be disappointed. This set incorporates 24 shade pencils, 24 oil pastels, 24 watercolor cakes, 2 paint brushes, 2 drawing pencils, 1 sharpener, 1 sanding block, 1 eraser and paint brushes. It gives the artist a wide range of materials of high quality in a beautiful wood case. The supplies are kept in the case to keep them arranged, and the case opens flat. It also contains little parts which are not suitable for children under 3 years of age. This drawing set is best presented as a gift.


i)This kit is well organized in a beautiful case.

ii)Suitable for rough kid and adult drawing.


i)Acrylics cakes have light impression hence the need to have other enhancement from other sources.

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