Top 10 Best 3D Printers in 2018 Reviews

Printing things at home has come a long way from the days of the first inkjet printers which weren’t readily available in homes until the late 1980’s. Technology and quality of print have improved greatly over the years. Now we have a new concept, 3D printing, which is unlike anything is seen before on home printers.

3D printers provide an actual physical object, rather than a picture of that object on a sheet of paper. They can print in many different materials including nylon, metal, and plastic to name a few. 3D printers can print a prototype for a new product or even a product you order online. The technology is still new and quite expensive but it’s slowly working its way into the home of those who just have to have the newest technology. The following list shows 10 of the best 3D printers available in 2018.

List of Best Best 3D Printers

10. FlashForge 3d Printer Creator Pro

FlashForge 3d Printer Creator Pro

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This printer has a sturdy metal frame and warp resistant 6. 3mm aluminum build platform. It features a clear glass surrounding to prevent outside interference during the printing process. It’s compatible with Windows, MAC OSX, and Linux. It allows you to print from an SD card or through a USB connection.

9. HICTOP Prusa I3 3D Desktop Printer

HICTOP Prusa I3 3D Desktop Printer

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The HICTOP printer has a high accuracy setup but comes unassembled and must be put together by the user. The aadvantagesof this are the price, plus the assembly provides a challenge for those who enjoy such things. The printer is compatible with Windows, MAC OX and Linux.

8. XYZprinting Da Vinci Jr. 1. 0 3D Printer

XYZprinting Da Vinci Jr. 1. 0 3D Printer

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The Da Vinci Jr. is a great option for home printing because of its affordability compared to other 3D printers. It features bio-degradable plastic. The calibration is easy to set with a Z-offset control. It also has a press and releases extruder that helps with easier extruder placement. This printer’s small size and simple design make it a great option for those who are new to 3D printing.

7. LulzBot TAZ 5 Desktop 3D Printer

LulzBot TAZ 5 Desktop 3D Printer

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The LulzBot 3D desktop printer features Open Source hardware with free software so the user can adapt and modify the printer to specific needs. It has a spacious print volume for printing larger objects or printing more than one object at a time. It can print with numerous materials including PLA, ABS, HIPS, PET, Polycarbonate and Nylon.

6. XYZprinting Da Vinci 1. 0 3D Printer

XYZprinting Da Vinci 1. 0 3D Printer

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This printer has a large 475 cubic inch build volume. It comes with a free filament in the starter kit and also includes a free 3D gallery to download. It has a closed system for safety and ease of use. It also features easy to install cartidges and requires no assembly before use. It also has automatic software updates and nozzle cleaning.

5. ROBO 3D R1 Plus 3D Printer

ROBO 3D R1 Plus 3D Printer

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This printer comes fully assembled and has a 720-inch maximum build capability. It features a heated print bed to prevent uneven cooling. It can build with materials like 1. 75 mm ABS, PLA, t-glass, lay wood, HIPS and flexible filament. Precise prints come from its automatic calibration and bed leveling.

4. LulzBot Mini Desktop 3D Printer

LulzBot Mini Desktop 3D Printer

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The LulzBot Mini printer has a low maintenance PEI print surface. It features automatic nozzle cleaning, automatic bed leveling and a carry handle for easy transport. Layer resolution is as fine as 50 microns or as coarse as 500 micron. This printer is compact and takes up little space but has the freedom to use many different 3D printing programs including OctoPrint and PrintRun.

3. XYZprinting da Vinci 1. 0 Pro. 3D Printer

XYZprinting da Vinci 1. 0 Pro. 3D Printer

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This printer can use 3rd party 1. 75mm ABS and PLA filaments. It has an aluminum print bed which helps with even heat distribution and even cooling. The calibration system is designed to be frustration free due to the easy-to-use sensors and knobs. It can connect through LAN or WiFi.

2. The MakerGear M2-Best 3D Printers

The MakerGear M2

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The MakerGear printer is low maintenance and comes pre-assembled. It has a large build capacity, being 8″x10″X8″. It also features very high-quality linear motion components. This printer has an open design and does not use proprietary filament cartridges.

1. QIDI TECHNOLOGY Dual Extruder Desktop 3D Printer

QIDI TECHNOLOGY Dual Extruder Desktop 3D Printer-Best 3D Printers

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The QIDI 3D printer has a structure made completely of metal. The aluminum plate is aviation level which ensures that it will not warp during heating. It comes with software that is simple to use and can create a wide variety of projects. The metal platform is resistant to very high temperatures and can support virtually any customized model you can come up with.

Printing in 3D allows for a creativity that has never been available in the home before. It’s great for those interested in physics, math, and many sciences. It can also be a wonderful thing for inventors so they can test out their creations. This is a new technology but with advancements in the field of 3D printing, its likely to become more popular and more readily accessible to the mainstream consumer.

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