Best Traveling Sprinklers In 2018 Reviews

Are you there looking for the best-traveling sprinklers that are made from durable, weatherproof materials? Well, of course, you will love to see those traveling sprinklers that will give you the reliable and beautiful services that will last for years. We have the best-traveling sprinklers that have bodies that are made of cast iron perfect to weigh your sprinkler down and ensure it travels along the right path without stalling.

Our traveling sprinklers have spiked rear wheels and durable gears that provide smooth travel, giving your lawn and even watering. Their varied position speed control will let you select how fast your sprinkler travels. These are the best-traveling sprinklers that have clever design and incorporate numerous options giving you the ability to select the perfect watering solution for your garden. Have a look at them and add them to your cart while they’re still found in our stock.

#1. Nelson Raintrain Traveling Sprinkler

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This unit can travel up to 200 feet and cover as much as 13500 square feet. It has long lasting cast iron body that is built to last. It has a three-speed setting that is fast, slow and neutral and it is self-propelled. It includes automatic shut-off ramp to stop sprinkler operation and has chip resistant and powder coat paint that won’t rust. The sprinkler arm can be adjusted for varied spray pattern and arcs, and it can throw water from 15 to 56 feet.

The Nelson traveling sprinkler is more durable and convenient. It is ideal for medium to large established lawns with open areas. Whether you require your sprinkler to oscillate, rotate or mitigate water usage, there is always Nelson sprinkler for you. It waters as it travels along a hose on a preset route. It operates at two motor speeds, low and high. It is simple to use and built to last.

#2. Orbit Traveling Sprinkler

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Orbit Irrigation traveling sprinkler is a self-propelled sprinkler with three-position speed control high, low and neutral. It will follow a 5/8 inch garden hose in any pattern you create. The shut-off ramp may be placed at any position along the hose to stop the sprinkler. The spray arms are tractable and great for any diameter from 15 ft up to 50 ft. Orbit’s traveling sprinkler covers up to 13,500 square feet traveling along 200 feet of hose.

In high gear, the sprinkler travels approximately 37 ft per hour and applies about ¼ “of water. In low gear, the sprinkler travels approximately 21 ft per hour and applies about ½ “of water. The rust-proof cast iron body is making it perfect to weight the sprinkler down and ensure it travels along the right path without stalling, and the powder-coat paint will give you maximum stability and durability. It is made from durable, weatherproof materials making this traveling sprinkler last for years. The body is made of cast iron, perfect to weigh the sprinkler down and ensure it travels along the right path without stalling

#3. Walking Sprinkler

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This rugged sprinkler has been built to last. The sprinkler creeps along on cast iron wheels, using the hose as its track. The sprinkler can be set at high speed 40 ft per hour, putting down about ½ inch of water. At low speed, it can deliver 20 ft per hour, putting down about 7/8 inch of water or be used as a stationary sprinkler. The adjustable sprinkler arms will provide water spray coverage from four feet up to 50 ft wide over the entire length of the hose.

To use, lay your hose through the middle of the area needing water, gentle curves around trees, bushes, and corners. A 5/8 inch hose is best as 1/2inch hose may be too small to guide the sprinkler around some corners. The heavy-duty model weighs in at 30 pounds and has the strength to pull standard 5/8 inch diameter garden hose with overall hose lengths of 250feet to 300 feet.

#4. John Deere Traveling Sprinkler

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The John Deere Traveling Sprinkler is perfectly suited for odd shaped yards. With vast water coverage of up to 13,500 square ft, and its ability to travel on itself, the John Traveling sprinkler is ideal for watering odd-shape yards. This hydro-propelled sprinkler follows a pattern laid out by the hose for custom watering of oblong or round yards.

The sprinkler is constructed with heavy-duty die-cast zinc body for maximum durability and years of reliable irrigation. The heavy-duty die-cast iron back wheels and polyurethane front wheels let this two-speed traveler follow hose for up to 200 ft before the sprinkler’s shut-off ramp automatically stops the tractor and shuts off the water. This is the traveling sprinkler that you will rely upon when it comes to watering your lawn.

#5. Nelson 50970 Traveling Sprinkler

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Do you have a large lawn or area that you need to water with little to no effort? If so, you should use this traveling sprinkler. It can travel up to 200 feet and covers an area of up to 13,500 square ft. This sprinkler is propelled by the water pressure and the centrifugal force of the rotating arms you can make the unit back up by flipping the angle of the arm direction 180-degree. It is eco-friendly in that a minimum of water is wasted, and this is perfect when you don’t have enough water, and you want to water large area.

The unit can travel at three different speeds and so you can select from neutral, low or high-speed settings. The sprinkler features a gear drive that is powered by the water going through it. It can travel along the hose that you lay out and set the sprinkler on. The coverage is controlled by the position of the sprinkler arms and the water pressure that also controls the rate of travel.

We don’t want you to spend your money and time watering your lawn using the cheap and imitated traveling sprinklers that are not made to last and deliver unreliable services when we can willingly help you. We have been lucky enough to collect the best-traveling sprinklers that features smart designs and incorporate numerous options, giving you the ability to choose just the right watering solution for your garden. Their auto shutoff function stops the water when it reaches a predetermined point. Save your money for other use and order your best traveling sprinkler and make your garden looking evergreen!!

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