Best Seven Long Board Skateboard Reviews

How about starting your day with fun-filled and joyful ride to your work or college campus which is both affordable and eco -friendly? Yes, it is possible with long board skateboards.

Long board is a kind of skateboards with a longer deck that makes sure you ride smoothly down the hill or cruise flawlessly with more stability. Many people long board skateboards as a preferable mode of transportation for maneuverability and amazing speedy rights. There a lots long board skateboards model available in market based on deck style, boat features, bearing and wheels. Here we have rounded up seven long board skateboards for a smooth and comfortable ride.

Fact Sheet – Mini Comparison Table

No Brand Name Image Weight Size
1 Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed Bamboo… Best Seven Long board Skateboard reviews 7.81 pounds 44 inches
2 Quest Skateboards Best 44 Inch… Best Seven Long board Skateboard reviews 8.3 pounds 44 inches
3 Volador 42 Inch Freeride Longboard… Best Seven Long board Skateboard reviews 7.5 pounds 42 inches
4 Krown Complete Longboard Skateboard… Best Seven Long board Skateboard reviews 6.8 pounds NA
5 Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down… Best Seven Long board Skateboard reviews 8.4 pounds NA
6 Magneto Longboard – Bamboo & Fiberglass… Best Seven Long board Skateboard reviews 7.22 pounds 37 inches
7 Atom Drop Deck Longboard… Best Seven Long board Skateboard reviews 10.14 pounds 41 inches


Long board skateboards became widely popular among people fr its versatility. Whether you use it for racing daily commute or experimenting some quirky tricks, be sure to choose a style that is perfectly compatible with your requirements. Here are some few handy tips we have outlined for you to consider while buying your first long board.

  • Be clear about your purpose – Long board can be used for various purposes like as a transport, for slalom, for dancing or for downhill racing. Each action can be achievable based on right long board too meet your expectation.Usually for commuting choose a long board for riding on uneven surface. For slalom purpose which is usually done by experienced writers , go for soft wheels that gives enough stability. For dancing and other tricks, opt for long board with heavy trucks for riding.
  • Choosing a proper deck – For beginners, it is recommended to go for wooden decks that ensures more durability and stability.
  • Right wheels – It is essential to choose proper wheels if you want to experience an easy ride. Usually larger wheels gives smooth ride on uneven surface. Soft wheels give proper grip while hard wheels gives you speedy ride.
  • Selection of long board bearing – Bearing decides the smooth turning of long board skateboards. This is usually measured with ABEC. So, higher the ABEC ratings, easily the wheels will be prepared for flawless turning.

Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Cruiser

Best Seven Long board Skateboard reviews

Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Cruiser gives you the ultimate experience of smooth and thrilling ride which comes in 44 inches with beautiful engravings in vibrant colors. It comes with wheels with inbuilt anti-bite technology with rock finish for a comfortable grip

This Zed Bamboo Longboard skateboard cruiser from Ten Toes Board Emporium is perfect for basic users who are learning to maintain stability during a smooth joyride. Its wheels comes with anti-bite technology and rock finish with shock-resistant. However, it makes loud noise and has weak bearings.

Major Features:
  • It is a 44-inch artisan longboard with an elegant bamboo finishing designed in Los Angeles with vintage Calfornian touch
  • It has rugged and weightless 7-Inch aluminum trucks
  • It has smooth gliding reverse trucks with precision abec-7
  • It is an amalgamation of bamboo and maple hybrid board accompanied by bamboo deck and kick tail
  • It has 70*51mm 85a PU wheels with rock finishing
  • Dimension: 5.12*9.45*44.09 inches
  • Weight: 7.81 pounds
  • Size: 44”
  • Model Year: 2016
  • Color: Aqua Pipeline
  • Model No: 2507
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What We Think Is Good
  • Reasonable Pricing
  • Rides easily and smooth
  • Great for beginners
  • Perfect stability
  • Excellent finishing
  • Matte finish
  • Great for cruising
  • Sturdy
  • Superior quality decks, trucks and wheels
What We Still Consider
  • Makes rattling noise
  • Weak bearings
  • Prone to crack and scratches
  • Poor customer service

Final Thought

Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed Bamboo Longboard is a perfect skateboard is a perfect skateboard for beginners in an affordable pricing. However, it won’t give you superior features of expensive model, yet it’s highly recommended for the beginners.

Quest Skateboards Best 44 Inch Bamboo Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard

Best Seven Long board Skateboard reviews

The Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Crafted Longboard Skateboard has an eye-catchy abstract design made with hardwood maple and bamboo is a steal deal for cruisers and beginners for superior quality in reasonable pricing.

This Super Cruiser Artisan crafted longboard skateboard has sleek design with high-end features like smooth surfing and perfect turning that gives you experience a smooth ride on water. However, the board is not flexible enough and is quite long.

Major Features:
  • Made with 7 ply super flex bamboo with hardwood maple deck
  • It has 7” aluminum trucks with superior reverse kingpin configuration
  • It has 70mm*5mm 80A PU wheels with anti-bite mechanism to prevent unexpected turns
  • It has the precision of ABEC-7
  • It has 4mm bearing hollow risers
  • 30-day manufacturer warranty with coverage on defects and craftmanship
  • Made in China
  • Model No: NS04
  • Size: 44”
  • Weight: 8.3 pounds
What We Think Is Good
  • The ride is overall smooth
  • Attractive deck
  • Surfy ride
  • Affordable pricing
  • Good at turning
  • Great for cruisers
  • Large wheels
  • Stylish design
What We Still Consider
  • It is stiff
  • Board isn’t flexible
  • Bearing requires upgrading
  • Big board

Final Thought

The Quest Super Cruiser Artisan crafted longboard skateboard is an ultimate companion of every starter and beginners who are looking forward to smooth riding experience. However, it quite stiff, not flexible and extremely large that makes it bit difficult to use.

Volador 42 Inch Freeride Longboard

Best Seven Long board Skateboard reviews

VOLADOR 42 inch free ride longboard has a beautiful and contemporary design which gives you a comfortable and joyful riding. It comes with shock proof parts with easy turning due to superior trucks. So, now start your day with a comfortable, smooth and memorable journey.

This 42 inch longboard from VOLADOR gives you thrilling experience of cruising and it is suitable as a low-cost mode of transportation for those who are looking for entertaining and smooth journey to work or college campus. Powered with ABEC 7 bearings, it may not be satisfactory as it requires up gradation of spare parts after few uses.

Major Features:
  • Made of multiply hardwood maple, this 42” cruiser comes in unbeatable pricing
  • It has ABEC 7 speed bearing and 8 ply super flex maple deck
  • It has 7-inch aluminum trucks
  • Tested by prolong boarder experts
  • Contemporary designs by best designers
  • Dimension: 12*9*4 inches
  • Weight: 7.5 pounds
  • Color: Tribe feather
  • Size: 42”

Final Thought

VOLADOR  42 inch free ride longboard gives unbeatable experience of cruising in affordable pricing. It is perfect for starters as well as expert users, great for movement on downhill. However, board is very stiff and it has poor bearing which requires upgrade, yet it gives high-end features in low pricing and a value for money.

Krown Complete Longboard Skateboard

Best Seven Long board Skateboard reviews

Krown Complete Longboard Skateboard is a budget-friendly skateboard with Canadian maple construction has a unique pin tail shape with attractive design can be a beautiful addition to the collection of skateboard lovers.

This Krown Complete Longboard has adjustable truck tension for movements. It is great for traveling around nearby areas and you can’t experiment much when it comes to various turning tricks associated with skateboard.

Major Features:
  • Made with Canadian Maple hardwood
  • It is 9 inch * 43 inch in pintail shape
  • It has black wheels that are 65mm 78 a
  • It has 6” silver trucks with black grip tape
  • Dimension: 4.25*8.74*42.99 inches
  • Weight: 6.8 pounds
  • Color: Green Flame
  • Model No: KRRT-11
What We Think Is Good
  • Wheels spins easily
  • Value for money
  • Eye appealing design
  • Truck tension are adjustable
What We Still Consider
  • Requires riser pads for proper turnings
  • Wheels and bearings needs change
  • Not for extreme sports
  • Trucks are short
  • Poor grip

Final Thought

Krown complete longboard is an affordable product and it is not for those who oves to experiment with their skateboard and cruisers. It requires additional support of a rising pad for turns. Considering its satisfactory functionalities, it will serve the basic purpose of skateboard for beginners.

Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Complete Longboard

Best Seven Long board Skateboard reviews

Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Longboard comes with unique lower centre gravitational design to experiment with cruising moves in more than one ways. Dance, lean, weave or slide, this skateboard with wheel bite mechanism makes sure that you get thrilling ride every time.

Yocaher Professional Dropdown longboard gives enough stability for a joyful ride. However, it also comes with typical problem of weak wheels and bearings. It is also not durable after just few uses.

Major Features:
  • Perfect for experienced riders
  • It has Q-Ball 70*52mm Wheels with 78 hardness
  • It has HD7 heavy duty trucks with 180mm hanger made with aluminum alloy
  • It has ABEC 7 chrome bearings
  • The black grip tape is made of Black window premium , grade 80A
  • The wheel base is 33”
  • It is made of 9 Ply Maple
  • It has high concave
  • No flex
  • Completely assembled
  • Dimension: 41.2*9*5 inches
  • Weight: 8.4 pounds
  • Model No: DD-Black
What We Think Is Good
  • Gives amazing speedboard feel
  • Great for pro and first time users
  • Drop down style helps in stability
  • Smooth ride
What We Still Consider
  • Requires replacement of bearings
  • Wheels are not that great
  • Prone to cracking

Final Thought

Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Stand Complete Longboard has an amazing drop down design for adventurous and smooth cruising or surfing down the hill. Given its price, it is good for experienced and starters. However, the wheels and bearings needs replacement after few uses. A quality mounting bearing would give another quality to the enjoy the ride. Checkout: Top 10 Best Skateboarding Hardware in 2018 Reviews to add a customized bearing.

Magneto Longboard – Bamboo & Fiberglass, Maple, Carbon Fiber Longboards

Best Seven Long board Skateboard reviews

Magneto Longboard gives you exhilarating experience is a affordable pricing. It is made of bamboo, fiberglass, carbon fiber, with a smooth and surfing on water like feel in your everyday commute.

Major Features:
  • Made with carbon fiber, bamboo and fiberglass, it is apt for foot fraction
  • It has 7” high angle gravity cast trucks for carving and speed ride
  • It has 80A Wheels which is 70mm*51mm
  • It has OS780 griptape
  • It comes with Magneto Logo that shows the carbon fiber material
  • Dimension: 4*7*37 inches
  • Weight: 7.22 pounds
  • Model Name: Magneto carbon
  • Size: 37 inches
What We Think Is Good
  • Smooth riding
  • Great for cruising
  • Mild grip tape
  • Compact design
  • Lightweight
What We Still Consider
  • Wheels are not satisfactory enough

Final Thought

Magneto Longboards Bamboo Longboard is a lighter weight compact design skateboard apt for cruising that gives you comfortable ride. It may disappoint you with its weak wheel. Yet, its superior features definitely outnumbers its flaws.

Checkout our Top 10 Best Skateboard Wheels in 2018 to customize your ride.

Atom Drop Deck Longboard

Best Seven Long board Skateboard reviews

Atom Drop Deck Longboard gives smooth and joyful ride with perfect balancing and down to earth’ like comfort cruising.

This Atom Drop Deck Longboard may not be highly satisfying for experienced users but great for beginners. It is good for cruising. However, one of the biggest drawbacks is its heavy weight which makes it difficult to carry.

Major Features:
  • It has unique low riding design for stability and perfect balance especially for riding downhill
  • Easy push helps to avoid crashing during commuting
  • It has a distinct perimeter that facilitates 9.6 inches leverage every turn with anti-bite mechanism
  • The deck is made of maple lamination
  • It has reverse king pin ( RKP ) trucks with 2.45 mm axles
  • One year warranty
  • Dimension: 10.63*4.72*41.73 inches
  • Weight: 10.14 pounds
  • Size: 41 inch
  • Model Year: 2014
What We Think Is Good
  • Great control and stability
  • Easy turning
  • Good for cruising
What We Still Consider
  • Trucks are inferior quality
  • Suitable for bigger rider
  • Board is heavy
  • Poor grip tape

Final Thought

Atom Drop Deck Long board is value for money in starter skateboard range. It has some flaws like inferior trucks and poor grip tape. Otherwise, it is definitely a suitable option for first purchase who are still in basic stage of learning to use skateboard and cruisers.


Longboards are usually longer than 37” which gives speedy ride to users. It makes is prone to unwanted accidents or injuries. Thus, to avoid such mishap, it is recommended to use right safety gears like helmets, wrist guards, knee pads etc to ensure that nothing disrupts your smooth and fun ride.

Final Verdict

Longboard is a perfect addition for those who are looking for best possible ways to exercise, adventurous outdoor activity and mastering the art of balancing.

Throughout our comprehensive selection, our editor’s choice would go to Magneto Longboards that comes with weightless and compact design with amazing features to make sure that your every ride is comfortable and memorable.



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