Best Salt Spreaders In 2018 Reviews

Most people have bought this product but have not taken into consideration the steps and requirements of how you should use it. One very important thing to do is read the sticker that has been placed on the inside of the hopper that says, remove the little mixing bar from the shaft in the hopper for rock salt. Most people avoid that, but if you do it that way, then it won’t put too much stress on the spinning system, and you will have no problems using it.

This is a product that has been made with quality and known experts in the field. It will make sure that it spreads your products well enough without any problems. One thing that makes these items be loved by those that use them is that they are simple to use and easy to clean. Have a look at what we have for you.

#1. Scotts Turf Builder EdgeGuard

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This is a product that has been equipped with Scotts exclusive EdgeGuard Technology, and I promise you that there is no need to worry, you can believe that the product you spread will be spread perfectly. You can even regulate the panel’s precision rate to the right setting that you want so that you can deliver more accurate coverage on up to 5,000 so. ft. The Scotts Turf Builder EdgeGuard Mini Spreader comes calibrated and ready to use so that you can get started right away.

For those who that have problems about the product collecting inside the wheel and then dropping off creating burn spots, you don’t have to raise a loud alarm because a very easy fix is available. To fix the issue, just take the left wheel off, then press an 8″ aluminum pie plate against the hub to make the imprint. Cut out the hole and then slide the pie plate and wheel back on the axle. Then use a mallet to pound gently the pie-plate flat enough so that it clears the bearing, and you have created a cover for the inside of the wheel. Your work continues smoothly form here onwards.

#2. Scotts Pro Broadcast Spreader

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This is a product that has been equipped with Scotts exclusive EdgeGuard Technology. This is a technology that has never been used anywhere, and therefore, you can be sure that that the product you spread will be spread accurately. You can even control the panel’s precision rate setting to deliver more accurate coverage on up to 18,000 so. ft. AND the premium ethereal tires make pushing easier. This is a product that comes calibrated and ready to use, so you can start using it the moment you get it.

This is the edge guard also works very well with no excess product dispensed to the side. A separate rear guard is always in place for you to keep you from getting fertilizer on your shoes. The controls are also very smooth to use and are of high quality.

#3. Scotts Turf Builder Broadcast Spreader

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We are bringing you one of the best spreaders in the world that feature Scotts exclusive EdgeGuard Technology. It has been designed with control panel with precision rate settings so that you have more accurate coverage each time that you are out there using it. It has been designed to ensure that you have superior results when used with Scotts lawn food. It can hold up to 15,000 square feet of Scotts lawn products.

#4. Chapin Pound Salt and Ice Melt Spreader

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This is an 80-Pound capacity hopper that comes with an enclosed gear system to withstand the elements, supported by a rugged powder coated steel frame. It is an all season design that is compatible with halite/ice melt, salt, fertilizer, seeds and more with a simple gate adjustment. It has a patent-pending poly conical auger that will ensure that it helps you move salt with ease. It includes snow/rain cover and salt grate.

Our products have been constructed in a manner that redefines what consumers expect from a spreader for home use. This is a Spreader that has the same large, two-piece hopper design that Chapin Pro models offer, boasting a rugged powder coated steel frame, baffle system for edge control, pneumatic tires for just about any terrain, and ergonomically designed bail system that allows for the use of either hand during operation.

#5. Earthway High Output Snow and Ice Melt Spreader

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What we are bringing you an EarthWay 2040PiPlus that is a Semi-Professional version of the very popular 2030PiPlus HIGH-OUTPUT broadcast spreader. That shows you that this is the perfect item for Snow and Ice Melt. The 2040PiPlus puts acknowledged quality and peculiarities in a smaller partially assembled package unlike what others have in the market. The 2040PiPlus outperforms all other spreaders of its size and price with true Commercial features at an affordable cost.

Like the solid bar control, Hopper takes a 50lb back of rock salt perfectly without any sweat. It has been designed with a control gate that will dump that 50lb in no time if you’re not careful, so you need to make the correct adjustment at the handle to avoid this. It slings salt nicely – no edge guards, but you can easily make an adjustment to the gate setting on the fly and do narrow areas.

These products come mostly assembled except for the rod that connects the hand lever with the door that opens and closes to let the salt, but that won’t be a big deal for you to handle. When you try to put the rod in, be cautious not to force it in but put it gently. These are great spreaders. Don’t dissipate your money on those cheap fertilizer spreaders. These are designed to spread salt and do a great job. I like the adjustable side shields so you should try and use any of them.

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