Best Electronic Rat Traps In 2018 Reviews

Rats are very annoying pests which no one loves having in their homes. Have you ever tried to catch any of them with your bare hands? It surely is a very tough thing to do. You just might end up chasing them in vain as they are very quick and stealthy. They come out mostly at nights. Rats are very dangerous rodents and transmit what is called Lassa virus. Coming in contact with anything infected by the Lassa virus can cause Lassa fever in one, and this could lead to death.

Basically there are different measures used in trapping rats such as adhesive glues, poisonous substances, etc. All these methods have their disadvantages but you can easily use the electronic rat trap to easily catch these rodents. You have nothing to fear about your children getting poisoned by rat poisons.

Below are the best electronic rat traps in 2018 which you can use to eliminate these rodents from your home.

#1. Victor Electronic Rat Trap M240

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Now you can easily trap and kill your rats with this easy-to-use electronic rat trap. You can set up peanut butter, cheese or anything edible and appealing as a bait. The rat smells the bait and goes in. Once the rat steps on the metal plates which are just close to the back wall, where the bait has been kept, the sensors sense the rat and then delivers over 7,000 volts of electricity unto the rat. This goes on for two minutes, making sure that the rat is completely electrocuted. The Victor rat trap runs on 4C batteries which can kill up to 50 rats. Its green indicator light indicates that a rat has been killed in it and can stay on for about a day.

It can be used indoors in places like the garage, kitchen, basement, etc. do not expose this electric trap to outdoor weather conditions. However, you should be careful to keep out of reach of your children and other pets.

#2. PestZilla™ Electronic Rodent Trap

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This powerful electronic rat trap permits about 7,000 volts which instantly kills any rodent that gets into it. It has an automatic precision sensor that senses when a rodent is trying to get the bait. You can use peanut and any other rodent attracted-snack to bait the rodents into coming in. Not only can you catch rats with this but squirrels and mice as well. This is a good way of getting rid of your rodents at home. You can either use 4 D batteries to power this trap or simply use the plugin which comes with it.

When a rodent is caught, it emits light on the top to show you that it has a kill. This saves you from actually opening the device to check for yourself. It is very easy to use and can be used anywhere indoors.

#3. Rat Zapper Classic RZC001

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This rat zapper provides you with a sanitary means to get rid of your rodent. The sanitary means helps you avoid the chances of getting Lassa fever. Once the rat gets an electric shock, there are no blood stains or any gory sight. Just a dead rat to be disposed of. It also comes with a red light indicator that tells you that a rat has been killed within it.

This offers you a more humane way to get rid of your rodents. You don’t have to use an adhesive glue pad, manual traps or rat poisons. Just put in 4 AA batteries into it and watch as your rodent is delivered over 7000 volts of electricity. The open up the trap and tip over so the rodent can slide off.

#4 Victor Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap M260

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This rat trap comes with a Shock N’ Drop chamber. After shocking the rodent, it rotates and drops the rat into the chamber so you can dispose of it. The chamber works as a trash can. A unique feature of this trap is that it is safe for both your children and your pets. Once the trap door opens, the sensors deactivate the rat trap. It has dual stairs for dual catches. It can catch up to 150 rats with just a set of batteries. The high voltage ensures that the rats are shocked within three seconds.

#5. Victor Electronic Mouse Trap

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Up to a hundred rats can be killed using just a set of 4 AA batteries. Baits such as peanuts and cheese can be used to trap these rodents and lure them. Once they are in, the holder holds them 100% securely so even though they struggle hard, they are unable to leave. The shock circuits can kill the rat just within 5 seconds. You don’t have to use your hands to pick up the rats. This trap comes with a lid so you can open it and throw the rat into the trash without having to touch it.


With these review of the best electronic rat traps in 2018, we hope we have been able to help you in deciding the best way to quickly and easily get rid of rats. Rats are a menace and should not be allowed to stay close to humans. Also ensure that your environment is clean at all times, this reduces the advent of rodents in your home.

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